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Dust of the Moon

“My name is Carlos Leonardo Nájera de Madrid.” This is how my father begins his life story. I am not sure when he started writing. It might’ve been in the 1960s or 70s. But I remember seeing him many nights … Continue reading

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The Living Waters by Carlos Najera

I don’t know what set off this memory, but I started remembering stories I heard about the Cucapah and the Yuma people. They were the people that lived here in the Imperial Valley and along the Colorado River before the Europeans … Continue reading

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Arco Iris (the end of the rainbow) by Carlos Najera

 The soil was untouched, multi-thousands of alluvial floods left it flat and rich with nutrients. Limited water and an abundant supply of heat kept the land from being invaded by a plow. That is until astute businessmen noticed the geography … Continue reading

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Homage to The River Boat Queen by Carlos and Joseph Najera

In our modern times The Fiesta Queen had sailed out of Laughlin, Nevada. She provided tours along the Colorado River and she offered dinner cruises as well. She was a common sight on the river for several years up and down … Continue reading

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The Water by Joseph E. Najera

The 1952 polio epidemic was the worst outbreak our country has ever seen.  Nationwide, there were nearly 60,000 cases reported in that year.  Over 3,000 succumbed.  Over 20,000 individuals were disabled and limited in their ability to walk. Polio is … Continue reading

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A Trip to Sonoita by Carlos and Joseph Najera

Morelos Dam. Laguna Diversion Dam. Imperial Dam. Palo Verde Dam. Headgate Rock Dam. Parker Dam. Davis Dam. Hoover Dam. Glen Canyon Dam. Price-Stubb Dam. Grand Valley Diversion Dam. Windy Gap Dam. Granby Dam. Shadow Mountain Dam. Blue Mesa Dam. Dillon … Continue reading

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Brawley, California 1948 by Carlos Najera

I am working now in the Imperial Valley for the Irrigation District. There are many miles of canals and smaller channels and ditches that feed the thirsty land.   This valley has become one of the richest agricultural regions in … Continue reading

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Water by Carlos Leonardo Najera de Madrid

There was a ditch in front of our home, water ran down the ditch along the block. It was very muddy water that came from the canal system. The water was the color of chocolate and this was our only … Continue reading

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