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The Old Place by J. Edward Najera

  That picture was from my father’s high school yearbook. He was a senior in 1927. He had two names Carlos L. Nájera and Charles Olivas. Both names were legal and he was proud of both of them. After his father died, his … Continue reading

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The Water by Joseph E. Najera

The 1952 polio epidemic was the worst outbreak our country has ever seen.  Nationwide, there were nearly 60,000 cases reported in that year.  Over 3,000 succumbed.  Over 20,000 individuals were disabled and limited in their ability to walk. Polio is … Continue reading

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Queen of the Night by Carlos and Joseph Najera

How excited you are! You have arrived at the age. You are a young lady now. It’s a magical age, Where everything is possible, And everything is beautiful, Where everything is joy and happiness, And tears are unknown, Where pain … Continue reading

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Sir Walter Raleigh in the Southern Sky

I stay up late and wake up early. The evening settles across the sky. It spreads out like a blanket, As I sit here by my screen.  I see the night fall, I see my father, when I was small … Continue reading

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Highway 111 by Joseph Najera

Here we are, my family. My mother must have been the one who took the photo. I look to be about six or seven so the year was 1953 or 1954. That is Chris on the left. She is 12 … Continue reading

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Menudo by Joseph Najera

Here is a picture of my mother’s oldest brother, Faustino Ledesma.     Faustino Ledesma 1904-1979 My mother often talked about him with a lump in her throat and a tear in her eye. My grandfather Odilon died when a wagon … Continue reading

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The Righteous Ones by J. Edward Najera

“I don’t think I should have to stand up.” Those were simple words that Rosa Parks once said. With that statement she opened a flood gate of voices, voices with questions and demands for answers. There were many factors, or … Continue reading

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