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The Land of Dust by Carlos Najera

Don Carlos remembers his first few months in his new home of Mexicali:   The Sun went down slowly on our first day there. I watched the evening sky change from bright blue to shades of red and pink. The … Continue reading

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The Land of Calafia by Joseph E Najera

(Dear Reader: This the opening to my father’s collection of posts. I am putting them into the Kindle format. I invite yo to read them all.)  The Land of Calafia     September 28, 1542, was the day Juan Rodriguez … Continue reading

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Works in Progress by Joseph Najera

It has been a while since I have entered a new post, but that does not mean that I haven’t been busy.  I have mentioned on previous occasions that I am a member of a co-op art gallery in downtown … Continue reading

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Blinded by the Light by Joseph E Najera

I was born on November 28, 1947. I was told much later that I ruined Thanksgiving dinner that year by popping out of the oven about the same time as the turkey. There’s my parents, about the time I came … Continue reading

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The Quest by J E Najera

Many years ago on a family outing to visit the relatives in Oxnard, my family took us to the Ventura County Courthouse. My father led us downstairs to the Ventura County Museum. This was old news to my siblings but … Continue reading

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The Old Place by J. Edward Najera

  That picture was from my father’s high school yearbook. He was a senior in 1927. He had two names Carlos L. Nájera and Charles Olivas. Both names were legal and he was proud of both of them. After his father died, his … Continue reading

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Homage to The River Boat Queen by Carlos and Joseph Najera

In our modern times The Fiesta Queen had sailed out of Laughlin, Nevada. She provided tours along the Colorado River and she offered dinner cruises as well. She was a common sight on the river for several years up and down … Continue reading

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The Water by Joseph E. Najera

The 1952 polio epidemic was the worst outbreak our country has ever seen.  Nationwide, there were nearly 60,000 cases reported in that year.  Over 3,000 succumbed.  Over 20,000 individuals were disabled and limited in their ability to walk. Polio is … Continue reading

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Queen of the Night by Carlos and Joseph Najera

How excited you are! You have arrived at the age. You are a young lady now. It’s a magical age, Where everything is possible, And everything is beautiful, Where everything is joy and happiness, And tears are unknown, Where pain … Continue reading

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Ancestry 101 by Joseph Nájera

There is an old country song called “I’m my Own Grandpa.” It is silly and funny and easy to find on YouTube.  Look it up some time when you feel like a little nonsense. This is a picture of my … Continue reading

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