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Day One

  Is this how it begins? My story?  Seven pounds, thirteen ounces, two feet, ten toes, on Thanksgiving Day in 1947? On that day I became the second son and fourth child of Carlos and Christina Nájera when my soul … Continue reading

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Nena the Fairy Part III

Preface    Christopher Columbus was the Admiral of the Ocean Sea.  That title was bestowed upon him by the Most Serene Catholic Majesties, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela, upon the return of his first voyage.      He retained the title … Continue reading

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Millers Falls by Joseph Najera

This is a photo of an envelope that is covered with stamps. If you can look close enough you can see that the stamps are from the British Solomon Islands. In the circles, it might be difficult to read, it … Continue reading

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The First Families by Carlos Najera

It wasn’t the same as before, living so close to the Pacific Ocean. It never got hot here. Even warm summer days were never as hot as Ciudad Juarez or the Imperial Valley. Those warm summer days led to completely … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice by Carlos Najera

   We moved into a town in the early 1900’s where the people, the adults and kids my age had a bad word for anyone who was not them. There was a bad word for every one in the melting … Continue reading

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Ancestry 101 by Joseph Nájera

There is an old country song called “I’m my Own Grandpa.” It is silly and funny and easy to find on YouTube.  Look it up some time when you feel like a little nonsense. This is a picture of my … Continue reading

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