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I am a Poet. I live the life of a poet. I am an artist, a member of Gallery 9 in Los Altos, California. I published a novel Nena the Fairy and the Iron Rose, available through Amazon Books. I spent over thirty five years in a classroom. My father kept a living record of his lifetime as he lived through the Twentieth Century. He was born in 1908 and almost lived long enough to see us enter the new millennium. He was a mechanical engineer and had a wonderful love of history and science. He entrusted to me nearly 400 pages that he wrote through the years. He wrote in Spanish and I have spent six months translating these pages into English. Now I am in the process of editing, rewriting, and revising them. I am trying to post a new entry or chapter each Friday. Check in on us at least once a week for the latest post.

March 5, 2010 by Joseph E. Najera

Sear reader: I am starting to put my writings together in book form. I have already posted some of them. Here is page 1.)  I am 62 years old now,  and I am drifting in and out of moments. I … Continue reading

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The Land of Calafia by Joseph E Najera

(Dear Reader: This the opening to my father’s collection of posts. I am putting them into the Kindle format. I invite yo to read them all.)  The Land of Calafia     September 28, 1542, was the day Juan Rodriguez … Continue reading

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A Tale of Nena the Fairy by Carlos Najera

   I was five years old.  El Paso del Norte was by now a distant memory. The Imperial Valley was such a long way from here.  We now lived in a Mexican neighborhood. The people here were descendants of the … Continue reading

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Works in Progress by Joseph Najera

It has been a while since I have entered a new post, but that does not mean that I haven’t been busy.  I have mentioned on previous occasions that I am a member of a co-op art gallery in downtown … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Math by J Edward Najera

I do not like to get involved with political topics. I have friends and family on both sides of the issues. However, I have a few thoughts about what I see happening. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to … Continue reading

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Blinded by the Light by Joseph E Najera

I was born on November 28, 1947. I was told much later that I ruined Thanksgiving dinner that year by popping out of the oven about the same time as the turkey. There’s my parents, about the time I came … Continue reading

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The Quest by J E Najera

Many years ago on a family outing to visit the relatives in Oxnard, my family took us to the Ventura County Courthouse. My father led us downstairs to the Ventura County Museum. This was old news to my siblings but … Continue reading

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