The Tempest

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Lo an’ weep, for despair has set upon our sails.

Th’ deepest shades below th’ wine-red sea

Are cast upon our brow.

Th’ men of sorrows with their

Weathered faces before th’ wind,

Beneath th’ clouds blackened by th’ Furies rage,

Are on th’ watch for Leviathon’s breath

in th’ valley of th’ breaks.

Lo an’ weep, th’ ghastly Azrael

Penetrates oor night sweat dreams.

He leaves us drenched in oor deepest fears an’ regrets,

Calling us tae account.

He breathes down upon us with

His cold an’ silent death.

A foe tae us all, he comes at his whimsy

Tae deprive us of th’ dawn.

Lo their noisome breath,

Th’ beasts of th’ tempest storm,

Filling our consumptive lungs,

Sparing us th’ will tae speak of oor repentance.

Tred lightly, ‘ere yee challenge th’ she witch o’ th’ winds.

Take heed, take heed, she be upon thee

At th’…

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About jedwardnajera

I am an artist and a Poet. I live the life of a poet. I published several novels. Nena the Fairy and the Iron Rose, Dust of the Moon are among them, available through Amazon Books. I have spent over thirty five years in a classroom. I am now retired from that profession. My father kept a living record of his lifetime as he lived through the Twentieth Century. He was born in 1908 and almost lived long enough to see us enter the new millennium. He entrusted to me nearly 400 pages that he wrote through the years. Now I am continuing the tradition by posting my own stories and misadventures. I am trying to post a new entry or chapter each Friday. Check in on us at least once a week for the latest post.
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