Brawley, California 1948 by Carlos Najera

I am working now in the Imperial Valley for the Irrigation District. There are many miles of canals and smaller channels and ditches that feed the thirsty land.


This valley has become one of the richest agricultural regions in the world. My job is to help keep the system flowing and to solve the problems when it didn’t. The canal system crosses the border into Baja California so I work on both sides of the border.

Life in the Desert Marches on! Many people think that the heat in the desert is unbearable. I have seen temperatures reach over 120 degrees but if you dress for it and get toughened to it, then it is really not too bad.

It was the winters that give me problems! I could not keep warm no matter how many layers of clothes I put on. This morning all the water pipes in my hotel were frozen and burst. I tried to add oil to my car engine but it was so cold that it would not flow out of the can. It just stayed there like jelly.


It was snowing as I drove in to work. The canals on the way there were frozen and covered with a layer of ice from edge to edge. Clumps of snow gathered on the desert floor and the crops. They looked like balls of cotton. The land looked clean and new.

It was a wondrous moment, to find beauty, here, as I struggle to gather my family back home again.


About jedwardnajera

I am an artist and a Poet. I live the life of a poet. I published several novels. Nena the Fairy and the Iron Rose, Dust of the Moon are among them, available through Amazon Books. I have spent over thirty five years in a classroom. I am now retired from that profession. My father kept a living record of his lifetime as he lived through the Twentieth Century. He was born in 1908 and almost lived long enough to see us enter the new millennium. He entrusted to me nearly 400 pages that he wrote through the years. Now I am continuing the tradition by posting my own stories and misadventures. I am trying to post a new entry or chapter each Friday. Check in on us at least once a week for the latest post.
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